For the past 40 years, Balt’s focus has been to collaborate with the Neurointerventional community to address clinical challenges and improve patient care by providing technical innovations supporting the development of the field, including:

  • The First Flow Directed Microcatheter
  • The First Detachable Tip Microcatheter
  • The First intracranial Braided Stent
  • The First Flow Diverter

Founded in 1977, Balt’s excellence and DNA originates from its lineage of strong leadership; originating with Balt’s founder, Léopold Plowiecki, then his son Nicolas Plowiecki, and continuing today with the CEO of Balt, Pascal Girin.

As Balt is entering a new and exciting expansion phase combining the well-established Balt family of products with a truly global reach, Balt will continue to design, develop, manufacture and commercialize the most complete suite of neuro innovative products developed through inspired by ongoing collaboration with the Neurointerventional community.

The Future of Innovation is Closer Than You Think – Balt USA

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  • Léopold Plowiecki in BALT's factory

  • Léopold Plowiecki & Pr. Serbinenko

  • BALT team

  • BALT team

  • Léopold Plowiecki & Prs Moret & Picard

  • Mr. J-P Raffarin presents the Palme d'argent to Léopold Plowiecki

  • Nicolas & Léopold Plowiecki

  • WFITN in Venise

  • BALT 30 year anniversary

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  • BALT acquires Blockade Medical